Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Funnies ~ The Fibers of Life Connect Us All Together!

Happy Friday Everyone!

It is me...

Reporting here from my cozy kitchen with my parrotlet brother... 
Gilbert! :)

We have a FUN story for you of how we are really all connected by one very long piece of yarn!

My discovery of this wonderful thing happened when I heard the story my momma told me of her adventure to a real life yarn bombing installation right here in Denver at our Art Museum!

She loves seeing pictures of these beautiful works of art where fiber artists all over the world decorate objects with fiber art that they create to leave to share their art, color and lots smiles with everyone!

My pawrents had never seen one in person so when The heard about the one hung at the Denver Art Museum celebrating the show SPUN, they jumped in the car and off they went!


Look at this crocheted masterpiece waving at us!

Isn't it fabulous!

Momma and Dad could not believe how detailed and huge it was!

They had so much FUN admiring it from all angles!

When they got home, they could not stop talking about it!

Momma was so excited that she immediately sent the photos to her friend Lynne in the UK and told her all about their adventure!

Lynne & Elliot told her there was a yarn bombing installation at a beach not far from her home in the UK in Saltburn!

See a video and read more about it here: 

 Isn't is amazing?

What a generous thing for someone to create and leave in the elements for everyone to enjoy!

We got happy goosebumps when we saw Auntie Lynne's photos!

It is proof that we are really all connected together by one very long piece of fiber!


Life is Art... Art is LIFE!

What FUN things are you doing this weekend?

My pawrents along with Auntie Melanie and Uncle Mark are going to another kind of show in Denver this weekend that we will get to tell you about really soon!

It will have another exciting story attached with it and we cannot wait until it unfolds so we can share it with you too!

Please leave us a note and let us know!

We cannot wait to hear all about it!

R-Chee & Gilbert


Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

I love the yarn bombing at Denver Museum, it is so BIG! The flowers are just beautiful. Yarn bombing is great, it just makes everywhere look so colourful and happy.
Lynne x

harrispen said...

Hey R-Chee did you see that I tried yarn bombing my kitchen last week? My mom was not too happy with my technique but I sure had fun. That yarn bomb in Denver is beautiful.


dw said...

Those pictures from the UK are way cool!! As is the Denver Art Museum ones! Wow! I can't wait to hear about your pawrents adventures, Archie!!

Karen and Riley

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Wow- those are super dooper photos! What good times and many memories

tubby3pug said...

The yarn bombings are super cool for sure

urban hounds