Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Create a Collage with Catalogs ~ Blue & Green Parakeets

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Oh my gosh!  

This collaged art project was so much FUN & Easy to do that I had to show you as soon as I finished!

Can you believe this neat parakeet collage was done in a few hours from start to finish with a quick sketch, some glue & little torn scraps from a CB2 catalog? :)

The first thing I did was to grab a pen and sketch these two parakeets on two separate 5 x 7 pieces of paper.

The size of your drawing is not important, but I wanted to make the point here that you do not have to create an overwhelmingly detailed drawing or large image to fill in with the colored paper if you do not want to. :)
If you do not like to draw, you could trace an image or photograph or even glue right ontop of the printed image.

This is your project and you can do whatever you want! :)

I chose to scan my drawings to preserve the originals and to create a blank copy of sorts that I could print in any size and anytime I wanted to make another one!

I printed my drawings on a card stock weight paper so that it would not curl too much from the moisture of the paste.

The next thing I did was open my colorful catalog that I just got in the mail. :)

You can use any catalog or magazine that you like!

I made a point to shop for color, textures and elements on the page when choosing which ones to tear out.

I also limited myself to 3 pages for each bird so that I would not get overwhelmed. :)

Remember though... this is just what I did.

Everyone is different!

Please tear out as many as you would like!

Then all I did was tear some scraps of colors, grab my paste and little paint brush and started gluing the torn pieces onto my printed drawing, layering at random as I went.  

I like the look of the soft torn edges so I made an effort to not leave any hard edges on my scraps.

It was so FUN and relaxing to do!

I did not think about placing them in any which way.

I just layered the colors and textures I liked into the spaces.

To create the final image, I scanned my 2 parakeet collages and created the effect of them sitting together by using Photoshop Elements to place them over a background of leaves that I created from passing some filters and changing the opacity levels of a photo of one my plastic place mats that I have on my kitchen table. :)

Ta Da!

That was soooo FUN that I cannot wait to make another one!

I think I will tear up pages from my IKEA catalog next! :)

I love this collage so much that I have made it available as a set of 10 note cards for you to enjoy too in my Etsy Shop.

Have a super day everyone!



Unknown said...

Ooooh, Melissa, that is so cool!! I like how you discussed not getting overwhelmed by limiting the amount of pages you are working with. You are so creative and inspirational! You have a Great day, too.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You always share with us- ways to have fun!! We all know you want us to have fun too!
We love your art work on these birdies!

Sketching with Dogs said...

I love them, what a fantastic picture. Time to get the vacuum cleaner out, LOL.
Lynne x

OnlyWhenJen said...

Wow, this is really beautiful! You should do more like this, maybe with different animals! It's so creative, and I think it's just great. :D

Tracy said...

These are gorgeous! They have so much character.