Thursday, April 07, 2011

Sunflower & Fire Hydrant Sweater Vests ~ The Slimmer Pugs

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to show you the new Fire Hydrant inspired sweater vest just added to The Tweed Collection!

It was the Slimmer Pugs' idea and we had so much fun designing it together!

The Girl's Sunflower Club already had a vest to choose, but the Boy's Fire Hydrant Club was yet to be represented!

Well, we could not have that! :)

Fire Hydrant

Red Tweed body / Grey bobbles/ Black collar


Mustard body / Brown bobbles / Green Tweed collar

The Slimmer puggums were so sweet to share their photo shoot with me and Archie.

These are just a few of their photos but you can see more on their blog!

How wonderful!

I am always sooooo happy to make any custom sweater vest that you would like!

Please feel free to contact me anytime with your ideas!

Anything is possible!

We have a huge sweater vest gallery that we love to make grow and grow and grow!

Archie and I also have dozens of sweater vests made in all 3 sizes in lots of colors in our etsy shop that are ready to ship today!

Thank you so much for sharing your photos and ideas with us Slimmer Puggums!

This project was so much fun to bring to life!


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Marlene said...

That's my boyfuriend Georgie Pooh that you there have a picture of! He's so handsome!

Love, Marlene

The Devil Dog said...

Those are great sweaters! I like the red better, but that's because it would show up so pretty on my black fur.

Hey Archie, is your Tiger's name Hobbes?


Tiffy said...

Momma and I need to decide on a sweater for me. I'm kind of partial to pink and I want something very girly. Momma will contact you once we decide what we want.


Chicco said...

Hello!! I found your blog and i really liked it!!
So beautiful!
Come to visit my blog too, ok?


Tweedles -- that's me said...

The boys firehydrant sweater vest is soooo fun looking!
And the girls sunflower club sweater vest whispers spring in the air!

Everyone of those Slimmer pugs is too adorable for words.. They are so beautiful modeling the sweaters.. they are little models!
I see some very cute faces all filled with love,,,,,
the love you put in each stitch!
You make life so fun Melissa by your creations.
You make us all smile