Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Treat!

Blue Trees
Oil on canvas
24 x 24

The holidays came a little early for us this year with this amazing painting, Blue Trees, by Judy Mackey.
Fred and I treated ourselves to her beautiful work for the holidays this year. It just arrived and I am just so happy I cannot find the words to express it!

We put it on our mantle so we can see it all of the time.
Judy is an incredibly talented artist who also has a wonderful blog and website. She inspires me everyday with her work and warm & sharing spirit.
She paints in oil on canvas with wonderful colors and textures. She often uses a pallet knife to create these master pieces. She has two German Pointers as sidekicks that she lovingly calls The Pointer Sisters.
Please visit her and say hello. I know she would love to meet you!
Happy Monday Everyone!


Aniemother said...

Lucky you ;) That's very pretty!


Rachel said...

that is a great piece and it looks fantastic next to your miniatures.

Heather said...

what a beautiful painting, love the colors. Happy Christmas to you!~ :D

Laura said...

Don't you love Christmas! Beautiful painting, and it looks so nice against the brick wall.

Pearl said...

Melissa, I am loving this piece! I love how versatile it is. So modern, while still using such warm colors and textures! And it looks great on that brick wall!

Hope you and Emmitt stayed warm this weekend!

Amy said...

That's gorgeous! Love it :)

Abby Creek Art said...

Beautiful painting missy melissy! It looks great on your mantle!

Diana Evans said...

Hi Melissa...wonderful piece....and so nice to see you and Fred get a special gift of it!!!


Puglette said...

that is a beautiful painting! i love how you can see into the woods, almost getting lost in there.
just lovely.

marianne said...

Wonderful painting!
Art can make you happy, doesn´t it!
What a good treat!

Rebecca said...

Great taste! Even with this simple web image you can totally tell that the painting is rich with yummy paint texture. Lovely work.

Clover said...

Beautiful painting! I liked Fred's coffee post too - I have the hardest time making the "perfect" coffee, and often have to resort to coffee shops for a good fix. I will see if we can find your recommendations here in Canada! (Although we have the cheap coffee maker covered already!)

Lisa M Griffin said...

Beautiful... and isn't a splurge deserved every now and then? =)

Manon Doyle said...

What a beautiful painting! Congrats on treating yourselves!!

Sandy Mastroni said...

I LIKE this artist Melissa
very intereting painting !

Nevis said...

Gorgoues tree painting!!!

lizzyl said...

this is a gorgeous painting! what a fun christmas present!

Judy Mackey said...

Melissa, I've been out of the country this past week - what a wonderful surprise to come back to see your post and the happy comments from your readers. WOW - you don't know how it makes my heart feel AND even though I'm a little jet lagged and need to get back into the routine of the UGH! catch up on bill paying, laundry, grocery shopping et al - I am itching to pick up my paints and start painting right away!!
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Nancy and the fatties said...

Oh Wow, that is awesome on your wall Melissa. I have a couple of wonderful original Judy Mackeys, too! She's such a great painter, and even better, she has a sneaky sense of humor, too. ; 0 )