Saturday, April 05, 2008

3-D Springy Card

I made this fun 3-D card in my Photoshop class this week.

I love that this used to be just a white piece of paper. We learned how to make the paper colored on both sides so that when you cut it out and fold it, it shows color from all angles.

Here it is flattened out. I used a gradiant from red to yellow to paint the flowers and hand painted the leaves digitally to show on the sides when it is folded.

Here is the inside pink color I added.

What a fun Springy card!

Emmitt says that he has a flower too that he can chew on.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Wow, that is pretty cool! Amazing what people can do with paper! Thanks for the spring inspiration! And Emmitt, I like your flower too!

Thanks for playing along with the spring fluffing game! :-)


The Devil Dog said...

That is a beautiful card. Mom really likes it. You are so talented. She is so tired, she had her test today, bright and early. She passed. Now she is exhuasted.


Diana Evans said...

Hi Melissa!!! that card is adorable...what a cool tulips....

I just received your print!!! I am so happy to have your art in my studio...I have to go out later today to get a frame!!! I am so excited....

Thanks for being so sweet!!!


Abby Creek Art said...

Pretty springy card, Melissa! I think Emmitt would like to chew on it just as much as his toy flower!:)

TwoPugs said...

What a pretty card! It's so colorful.

We bookmarked the place where you are taking your class because Mommy would like to take a Photoshop class. She just loves it!

Pug snorts to you from,
Sue, Pearl & Daisy

Liss said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Please feel free to drop by any time, your site is cool. I just love those pictures, Going to have to get one made of Herbie!

Moira said...

Love the card! Beautiful!!!

Jennifer Ramos said...

your PUG is so adorable....he looks like he means business here! hehe

Jen Ramos
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