Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pug Notes Newsletter - Winter 2008

Thank you to everyone who sent in their pictures and stories for the Winter 2008 Newsletter.

My favorite section is always "Meet the Pugs". So, this year, I have doubled the fun by adding a "Pug Fundraiser Events" section for people to show off their Pug Parties and Photos.

If you would like a HTML version of the Newsletter to be automatically sent to your inbox every quarter, please email me privately at pugnotes@aol.com, and I will sign you up. :)


Unknown said...

Hi Melissa...

the newsletter is wonderful...I especially love all the great photos and your artwork...

I am so happy you made a potatoe flower....I made one tonight for my husband Brad and layed his seared salmon on top...I feel like such a chef....lol

Have a wonderful day!


Linda O'Neill said...

Hey M...great newsletter! And thanks so much for featuring my postcard in your last post. Your new ones are FABU!!

P.S. Maisie ate one of my snowboots today.:)

Frances Louise said...

We read the newsletter and it was so fun to read!

Mommy wants to know if you sell business cards? Daddy is thinking of starting up a business so he is looking into printing some out.

dog face girls said...

Thanks! Your art is delightful. If you ever get around to doing some whippet, greyhound cards. Let me know.