Monday, January 07, 2008

New Postcards and Business Cards!



Business Card

I am so excited! I love the postcards my friend Linda, made through Vista Print.

Because of Linda's great experience, I created new business cards and postcards too. They just arrived today, and I could not be happier! The quality, customer service and prices are the best I have seen.

It is also time for my new Pug Notes Quarterly Newsletter. I am so excited to send it out. I will post a link as soon as it is LIVE. Thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures and stories for the Winter 2008 Issue.


Ruth Welter said...

Hey Melissa, your new cards look great, they really express what you business is about, really like them. Glad you had a nice vacation. Emmitt looks so cute in the post below.

The Devil Dog said...

You cards look great. We can't wait to read the quarterly newsletter.


Unknown said...

Hi Melissa...

the cards are amazing...and nice to hear you also have a cool...

Have a wonderful day!


Oscar said...

Wow! Those cards look pretty neat! I think it is very neat what you do! Now what's this about a newsletter? oObviously we've been mIA from blogging and haven't really been keeping up in the pug blogosphere.

Unknown said...

Cool cards and Postcards! And a newsletter, too! You are doing so well with your marketing!

cowbelly said...

Love Vistaprint!! Have been using them since 2003 and can't imagine what I'd do without them.

Love the new postcards and biz cards!!