Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Freeform Crochet ~ Corgi Doll

Happy Wednesday everyone!

and ...

Happy 1st day of Fall!


It is my favorite time of year!

I LOVE when the air has that special crispness that only Fall breezes can bring!

I LOVE when the leaves turn goldenredorange and brown.
I LOVE when the leaves blow off of the trees and blow in swirling circles around our feet when R-Chee & I take our walks together.


I LOVE to crochet and make art with wool, felt and recycled sweaters!

I am excited to show you my latest project...

~ Freeform Crochet Corgi Doll

I got to combine all 3 of my favorite things to do, and I cannot wait to show you pop to life!

Earlier this year I taught myself the art of Freeform Crochet with the help of Myra Wood's wonderful Craftsy class.

The freeform pieces I made during that class became this wonderful pug doll...

In June, I wrote a blog post when I made him to show you how I created him. :)

I had so much FUN making him that I immediately started making new freeform crochet scrumbles to create another doll for my wonderful twin sister, Melanie.

I knew just what I would make... her little corgi named Teddy!

Here are the scrumbles for the front of the body.

...and here are the scrumbles I made for the back!

The next step was to fit and sew them together into the fabric that I would form into the body.

After I sewed the body shape, I got out my felted cashmere and wool sweaters from my stash that I was saving for the perfect project and cut out shapes to make the head, neck, ears, arms, legs and tail.

The next step was to stuff the pieces and sew them into the body and put the final touches on him.

I formed the stiff corgi ears by bending and sewing floral wire to make a frame of sorts that is stiff but flexible too so I could shape the ears and help give the Teddy doll more expression and personality.

I did not want to stuff the ears with polyfil because I did not want him to look like a bunny with soft or floppy ears. :)

The eyes, nose and tongue were made by cutting out shapes from felted wool pieces and gluing them on with fabric glue.

Here is the back of Teddy complete with his Cardigan Corgi tail. :)

I just loved making him and love how he turned out!

But the best part of the whole project which took a few months to complete was the smile on Melly's face when I surprised her with it. :)

...and guess what?

Now that is is Fall, my hands are busy making new Dog Sweater Vests for you to enjoy!


I will be able to show them to you in just a few days so please stay tuned!

Melissa & R-Chee


Noodles said...

This is pretty cool! Very creative.
Love Noodles

Tweedles -- that's me said...

You are sooooo creative!!! And you always share with us how to do it!
But my mommy cannot follow instructions,,, so we love looking at what you make!! Your creativity is amazing,,!
That doll for Melly is adorable!