Monday, April 27, 2015

The Mother Bear Project ~ New Striped Bear & Sightings ~ 2015

Happy Monday everyone!

R-Chee & I have been having so much FUN making more teddy bears to donate to The Mother Bear Project!

I have been making bears for them for over 6 years and everyone of them is a joy to make!

No two ever come out the same.

Each one has his or her own personality! :)

I love seeing who pops to life every time I make one! 

They bring love and smiles to children in Africa and I cannot wait to share this new batch with them!

R-Chee & I LOVE The Mother Bear Project!

Please visit their website to learn more!

We just finished the first of many bears we have planned for 2015.

He is bright and happy and full of sunshine for you!

He and R-Chee are holding a team meeting this morning to plan for his travels across the sea to meet his new forever child!

Let's tune in to see what they are talking about!

Hi Archie!

My name is Sonny and I am so excited to live in Africa with my new forever family!

Africa is a magical place and I have a lot to learn!

My new little boy or girl will love me and teach me lots of things!

I plan on learning everything I need to know by opening my ears to hear all the sounds around me!

Breathing in deeply with my nose to smell the air surrounding me!

...and use my mouth to laugh, smile & taste all the wonderful flavors served to me!

It will be a wonderful adventure and I will report back and share my adventures with all of you like the other bears before me!

Let's meet a few of those special bears we made in 2014 now!

They all went to Botswana to meet their forever children!

Here is my 1st cousin, Arty, who is also very stylish & is wearing a striped shirt like me!

You can meet him here in the post you wrote about him last year!

...and we love our 3 groovy retro cousins who found beautiful little boys and girls to play with too!

...and who could forget Super Bear?

He landed in Botswana and made this little boy feel invincible by the power of LOVE! :)

You sent him and all the other children all your LOVE with each bear you helped inspire your mom to make!

You are a very special pug, R-Chee with a very special and loving heart and I promise to report back from Africa and share my adventures with you one day soon!

Right now, your mom is making a brother for me to travel with and I will introduce you to him in the days to come so you can see us both off together!

R-Chee, Melissa & 
Sonny ~The Sunny Mother Bear


Sketching with Dogs said...

Another wonderful Mother Bear!
It just makes my heart smile to see those children with their bears, you can see how much they love them.
Lynne x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh he is sooo beautiful!
We love all the bears that you have created, and we love hearing about the happy smiles on the children when they hug the bears.