Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Funnies ~ Off to the Races ~ Pug vs Corgi

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday!

It is me... R-Chee!

Today Cousin Teddy & I are playing at his house in the foothills of Boulder!

We are playing "Catch Me If You Can!"

I hope I can keep up with Teddy!

My delicate pug feeties are not used to rugged terrain like my wonderful Cousin Teddy is!

He is a true Mountain Corgi... soft and huggable on the inside and tough and durable on the outside!

My auntie Melly calls him her Teddy Bear Cub! :)

"Come on R-Chee!"

"Come and play with me!"

"Here I come Teddy!"



I need to catch my breath through this flat pug nose of mine! :)

Lucky I have a long tongue to stick out in the fresh air and sunshine!

It will help to recharge me so i can wind up my pug tail again! :)


This playing is hard work! :)

I think I will keep momma company for a few minutes!

ummm... she looks lonely... 

yeah... that's why I stopped running Teddy.

Really it is!

Right momma?

That's why I stopped running. :)

LOL R-Chee!

Don't pull me into this one.

Maybe you need to play this game more often...

You will get stronger and faster. :)

Yes R-Chee!

I will be your coach!

We will get you into corgi like shape instead of soft pug shape in no time!

Now let's go inside now and get some milk and cookies!

Our moms have them all ready for us on our blankies so we can have our afternoon naps surrounded by crumbs! :)

That's my favorite part of the day!

Won't you all come and join us?

We have plenty of cookies for you too!

R-Chee and Teddy


tubby3pug said...

what a fun race

retro rover

Sketching with Dogs said...

What a beauty Teddy has turned into!
Looks like the two of you are having so much fun.
Dip and Elliot x

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am coming over too, for some milk, and cookies and crumbs! And I want Teddy to teach me to be tough too! That Teddy can really run and you can too Archie!!! Run like the wind and have fun!