Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Funnies ~ All Suited Up & Ready for the Super Bowl!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I am so excited for the Super Bowl that I am practicing my moves on the field all weekend to get in shape for Feb 2nd!


This training thing is hard work!


I think I hear the dinner bell ringing!

Time to come in and eat dinner and watch some TV!

I am not supposed to watch too much TV but I am watching for FUN Super Bowl commercials to start playing like this one that our friends from VA sent us!


He is wearing a Woofie Warmer neck warmer!

My momma did not make this one for them, but it looks like they were inspired by her original dog sweater vest and Woofie Warmer designs to create this one for the ad!

What a huge compliment if this is true!

How cool is that? :)

Would you like to come over for dinner now that practice is over?

Everyone is welcome!

I have made enough food to feed a stadium full of fuzzy fans!

A few friends have already arrived!

We are all suited up and ready to relax, ummm... I mean train!

See... my play book reads just like this...

1.  Workout out our faces by eating everything we can as fast as we can :)

2.  Grab a cozy Pug Notes sweater vest , neck warmer or  dog hat and curl up to enjoy the Pro Bowl just for practice for the big day!

No need to even ring the door bell!

Come on in!

The door is wide open!

I cannot wait to see you!



Angel Payton, Donald, and Daisy's Gampy said...

Archie, I'll be rooting hard for the Broncos because I'm a big Payton Manning fan. I think your sweater is just perfect!!

Love, Gampy

Judy said...

Archie you look so good in your Broncos sweater! Since I live near Seattle I will be rooting for the Seahawks. Should be a fun game!! Hugs to you and your sweet momma!!

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Hi R-Chee
I love looking at all the little faces wearing their sweaters and woofies, and hat,, and I see me there too! The colors are all so pretty. We saw that doggy on tv too- and thought of the wonderful sweater vests your mom makes,, and we thought she made that sweater!

marianne said...

That's training!!!!
The dog looks like a copy cat to me Archie........... Are you sure it's a dog?
Have a great weekend :)