Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday ~ Woofie Warmer Hugs!

Happy Thursday everyone!

~ Thankful Thursday ~ 

I am so thankful for wonderful friends and all that you share with me!  Oscar and Ollie told me today that they LOVE their woofie warmers!

Thank you Oscar, Ollie and their fabulous mom, Jaime B., from Louisiana! 

You 3 made my whole week! :)

Many customers over the years have asked for a crocheted warming hug for their doggies that do not wear hats and sweaters & for larger canine family members that do not quite fit in the 36 lb weight limit of the Dog Sweater Vests.

I custom make each Woofie Warmer for you to order!

Woofie Warmer Dog Neck Warmers are comfy and warm for dogs of ALL sizes!

When ordering your Woofie Warmer, I just need to know your dog's ...



Neck Size

to know what size to custom make for you.
You get to choose the 3 colors for the ...

Collar / Trim / Bobbles
If you would like Archie and I to make you your very own Woofie Warmer, please feel free to visit the Woofie Warmer Gallery ~ ~ for inspiration and my Etsy Shop to order!
Please also feel free to contact me anytime with any questions!
Melissa & Archie

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Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oscar and Ollie are sooo cute,, and their woofie warmers are sooo pretty on them! Perfect colors!
I love my woofie warmer too!